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1-Jul-2012Durham Region healthy sex youthality project: youth's perspectives of sexual health needs in Durham RegionHigginson, Alyssa
1-Aug-2011Professors’ views on mental health nursing education in the baccalaureate nursing programs of Ontario: a grounded theory approachBoyko, Olga Viktorivna
1-Apr-2012Teachers' views of their technology-focused preservice education programSmith, Shirley Louise
1-Mar-2015RoboBUG: a game-based approach to learning debugging techniquesMiljanovic, Michael A.
2015Vines of oppression: a review of the literature, educational criticism and narrative analysis of social media research in public educationRoberts, Amy
Jun-2016Reasons for concussion under-reporting in varsity athletes: a mixed methods approachSalt, Jessica E.
2016Virtual communities of practice in simulation-based healthcare education: participation factors and content value assessmentHolmes, Jordan
1-Jan-2018Investigating the effectiveness of infant feeding school-based education on the breastfeeding knowledge and attitudes of adolescent female studentsReyes, Celina
1-Jul-2018Relative age effects: exploring possible solutions and the relationships between relative age, sport participation, education, and indicators of positive youth developmentWebdale (Ottenbrite), Kelly
1-Nov-2018Development of a new technology-based learning tool to promote the uptake of clinical practice guidelines on the management of neck pain in chiropractic teaching facultyVerville, Leslie