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18-Dec-2009Youtube: A New Ground For AdvertisingParanthaman, Ayilan
16-Dec-2009Instant Messaging and YouthMcMillan, Josh
18-Dec-2009Internet Use and Academic Performance of YouthSimoes, Anna-Lisa
15-Dec-2009Youth and Technology: The risks youth take when using modern TechnologyKrueger, Britt
18-Dec-2009The Influence of Social Networking Websites on Youth.Tekin, Sinem
16-Dec-2009What role does technology play in cyber bullyingHutchinson, Sheonti
15-Dec-2009Technological Advancements in CommunicationRamnaraine, Jankie
15-Dec-2009Violent Music and It's Impact on YouthCallwood, Jennifer
18-Dec-2009The Detrimental Effects of Video GamesMoorcroft, Johnny
16-Dec-2009Grave Consequences for Youths at the Hands of Cyber-bullyingDavidson, Stephanie