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Issue Date: 1-Apr-2008
Title: Energy, exergy and cost analyses of nuclear-based hydrogen production via thermochemical water decomposition using a copper-chlorine (Cu-CI) cycle
Authors: Orhan, Mehmet Fatih
Publisher : UOIT
Degree : Master of Applied Science (MASc)
Department : Mechanical Engineering
Supervisor : Dincer, Ibrahim
Rosen, Marc A.
Keywords: Hydrogen
Thermochemical water decomposition
Cost analysis
Abstract: In this thesis the Copper-Chlorine (Cu-CI) thermochemical cycle and its components as well as operational and environmental conditions are defined, and a comprehensive thermodynamic analysis of a Cu-CI thermochemical cycle, including the relevant chemical reactions, is performed. Also the performance of each component/process is evaluated through energy and exergy efficiencies. Various parametric studies on energetic and exergetic aspects with variable reaction and reference-environment temperatures are carried out. A detailed analysis of the general methodology of cost estimation for the proposed process, including all cost items with their percentages, the factors that affect accuracy, and a scaling method, is also presented.
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