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Issue Date: 2015
Title: Vines of oppression: a review of the literature, educational criticism and narrative analysis of social media research in public education
Authors: Roberts, Amy
Publisher : University of Ontario Institute of Technology
Degree : Master of Arts in Education (MA)
Department : Education
Supervisor : Barber, Wendy
Keywords: Theatre
Abstract: This arts-based educational inquiry paper is divided into three main sections; a review of the literature, an educational criticism discussing themes arising from the review of the literature, and a narrative analysis describing a proposed research project that did not receive district school board approval. The author applies Eisner’s (1998b) structure of educational criticism and the paper exemplifies Barone and Eisner’s (1997) seven features of arts-based educational inquiry. The research outlined is rooted in ideas stemming from the review of the literature, focused on the use of social media and Boal’s Theatre of the Oppressed (1985) to democratize theatre creation and consumption for high school students in a publicly funded board of education. Key themes, recurring through all three sections of the paper, are grounded in the review of the literature and include audience, creation, technology and theatre pedagogy. Throughout the paper, a kaleidoscope metaphor is applied to the themes; as one element shifts, the others simultaneously change. Subsequent related themes of re-conceptualized storytelling, audience-performer interactivity, liveness, and aesthetic literacy are also explored. The final outcome is an argument for changed theatre pedagogy.
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