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Issue Date: 1-Jan-2015
Title: A case study for evaluating nursing and health sciences student satisfaction with e-learning
Authors: Vica, Carmina
Publisher : UOIT
Degree : Master of Health Sciences (MHSc)
Department : Health Sciences
Supervisor : Percival, Jennifer
Keywords: E-learning
Nursing student
Student satisfaction
Health sciences student
Abstract: An increased demand for e-learning in nursing and health sciences education is emerging and not enough is known about factors determining nursing student satisfaction with e-learning, therefore studies clarifying how to design and implement efficient e-learning programs to increase student satisfaction are necessary. This case study helps fill this gap by investigating the factors influencing nursing students’ satisfaction with e-learning and the relationship between satisfaction and GPA in healthcare higher education. A web-based questionnaire collected data on various aspects of e-learning and 140 students from UOIT participated. Statistical analysis was completed and responses to open-ended questions were explored using thematic open-coding. Results revealed the most highly influential factors on nursing student satisfaction being perceived liking and perceived usefulness, while usability and communication & teaching factors having less predictive power to the student satisfaction. Another important finding is that any potential student that wants to pursue studies in a health related program in the university where e-learning is part of the program, who has a high level of satisfaction will be able to obtain a good GPA. Major barriers in using e-learning were identified in the area of communication, course management, feeling of being disconnected, and technology issues. In conclusion, we believe the findings of this study add a new perspective on satisfaction factors with e-learning for nursing students and describe the link between their satisfaction level and GPA. Further research is required to explore how e-learning program design can address the barriers to e-learning identified in this study and further explore the conclusions of this study to other nursing and health sciences programs at other universities.
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