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Issue Date: 1-Apr-2014
Title: Social control and deviance within the South Asian Muslim female community: an exploratory study.
Authors: Hussain, Anisah
Publisher : UOIT
Degree : Master of Arts
Department : Criminology
Supervisor : Alvi, Shahid
Keywords: Social control
South Asian
Abstract: The relationship between acculturation into mainstream society and problematic youth behaviour is well documented, with a number of studies linking experiences of culture conflict to delinquency. However, the scholarship examining the relationship between culture conflict and delinquency among the South Asian Muslim population in Canada is understudied. Recognizing the risk of deviance within Canada’s South Asian Muslim communities, this study explores the influence of culture conflict on culturally specific forms of deviance. Culture conflict here is examined through behaviours considered immoral by many South Asian Muslim families within Canada but acceptable by mainstream society, including: pre-marital sex, alcohol consumption, dating and social outings/clubbing. Data was collected and analyzed from eight self-identified South Asian Muslim females from the University of Ontario Institute of Technology in Ontario, Canada. The results of this study reveal that despite the influence of the dominant society, participants refrain from engaging in culturally deviant female behaviour. I argue that with a growing South Asian population, ethnic and religious identities become strengthened. By identifying with a South Asian Muslim identity, culture, religion, and gender intersect to govern the lives of these participants.
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