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Issue Date:  7
Title: Effects of combined aerobic and resistance exercise on quality of life and fitness of individuals who are post cancer treatment: A pilot study
Authors: O'Neill, Meagan
Publisher : University of Ontario Institute of Technology
Degree : Master of Health Sciences (MHSc)
Department : Kinesiology
Supervisor : Lemonde, Manon
Power, Kevin
Keywords: Cancer
Personalized exercise program
Post cancer treatment
Abstract: Cancer Survivors are defined as any individual who has been diagnosed with cancer and completed treatment, who may or may not be free of the disease (Speck et al., 2010). Cancer survivors can experience numerous, debilitating and long lasting side effects. These side effects can occur during and following cancer treatment and can affect individuals’ daily life. An overview of the literature on the outcomes that can be experienced from physical activity/exercise for cancer survivors will be presented. This study evaluated an 8-week individualized combined aerobic and resistance training program on individuals post cancer treatment, through supervised bi-weekly exercise sessions. This study was constructed based on the review of the benefits of exercise for treatment of cancer and the side effects. The outcomes of the exercise intervention were evaluated through pre-, post and three-month follow-up assessments consisting of physical and psychological testing. Trends of improvements in muscular strength, endurance, reduction in fatigue levels and perceived Quality of Life (QOL) were identified. These outcomes further support current literature that, a comprehensive physical fitness program is important for this population in assisting them with reduction in their cancer related side effects.
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