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Issue Date: 1-Jul-2011
Title: A lot of these things nobody talks about: South Asian Muslims' perceptions of dating behaviours and abuse
Authors: Couture, Amanda
Publisher : UOIT
Degree : Master of Arts (MA)
Department : Criminology
Supervisor : Alvi, Shahid
Keywords: Dating abuse
South Asian
Abstract: The unique meanings people of varying cultures and religions assign to dating behaviours/abuse along with the context in which these meanings are created are largely neglected in dating abuse research. Applying intersectionality, I examine understandings of dating behaviours/abuse from the perspective of South Asian Muslims in Canada. To unravel the context in which these perceptions are formed, I use intersecting characteristics that emerged as themes in 11 qualitative interviews, which include: individual identities, influences of South Asian Muslim and mainstream Western cultures, and personal perceptions of dating. The majority of participants used religion, cultures, and nations as identifiers, perceived their communities to be opposed to dating, and felt pressure to date stemming from Western society. I argue that these intersect to shape their personal perceptions of dating and the meanings and significance of dating behaviours/abuse, which revolved around: significance of exposure and sexual behaviours, control, relationship attachment, and psychological behaviours/abuse.
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Faculty of Social Science and Humanities - Master Theses

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